EmotionallyFree.TV Episode #14: How to Use Momentum to Heal Anything!

Discover how to build massive momentum in order to heal any issue. Get ready to awaken your inner healer.

Join me as I teach you how to use momentum to heal yourself quickly if not instantly. Unleash your true potential by reaching the tipping point, today on EmotionallyFree.TV.


EmotionallyFree.TV Episode #13: The Best and Easiest Way to Release Emotional and Physical Issues

Have you ever felt stuck and can't move forward or have an issue that just won't go away? Learn how to get out of struggle and back into your flow.

Join me as I teach you the fastest way to let go of old behaviors, old issues, past problems and allow your current issues to vanish as well. I challenge you to shift today on EmotionallyFree.TV


EmotionallyFree.TV Episode #12: The Power of Abundance

This week on EMOTIONALLY FREE WITH JOSHUA BLOOM, tap into the power of abundance with the magic of quantum. Do you feel stuck about money, scared that there’s never enough, or you just can’t get ahead? EXPERT GUEST: Money Millionaire Mark Tosoni. This episode will uncover the secrets to living an abundant life, today on EmotionallyFree.TV.

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EmotionallyFree.TV Episode #11: The Secrets Behind Breaking Free From Migraine Headaches

Discover the healing secrets to rid yourself from migraine headaches. End your suffering from physical pain that’s preventing you from living your BEST life, join us!

Pain Release Exercise: Quickly shift your energy through an awesome pain release Guided Connection and instantly let go of the pain that holds you back, today on EmotionallyFree.TV.


EmotionallyFree.TV Episode #10: LifeForce Awakening™ – How Does Healing Work?

Learn how to sense Life Force Energy and discover how to speed up the healing process in a more efficient and more powerful way. Join me as I reveal how you can heal your body all at one time, rather than in separate parts.

Discover why you don't need to use your hands when using life force energy. Learn how to Supercharge your life force and experience life force energy first hand, today on EmotionallyFree.TV.


EmotionallyFree.TV Episode #09: How to Release Trauma in 7 Minutes or Less

Learn how to transform trauma in the blink of an eye. If your past hurts are preventing you from moving forward, this is for you! INSTANT TRAUMA RELEASE: Anza Goodbar releases a past trauma. Join me as I show you how to easily release negative energy and trauma so you can become your best you.


EmotionallyFree.TV Episode #08: Lifeforce Awakening™ – Be the First to Discover it!

This week on EMOTIONALLY FREE WITH JOSHUA BLOOM, uncover the hidden secrets for how to awaken your inner Superhero.  Is your energy low?  If so, ready to find out how you can feel strong, confident and ready to take on life’s challenges?  Harness your energy so you can live a life you’ll love today on EmotionallyFree.TV.


EmotionallyFree.TV Episode #07: Be in Alignment with the Universe to Attract Anything

Discover why it’s so crucial to be in alignment with the universe in order to attract abundance in your life. Are you in alignment? If not, this could be your answer for success. Find out what’s possible for you by Increasing your attraction ability today on EmotionallyFree.TV.


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